pkg_add hangs with packages.

Mark Blackman mark.blackman at
Fri Feb 23 09:53:47 GMT 2001

perhaps someone else has seen/sorted out this issue, but 
lately (last two-four months) pkg_add hangs when picking
up stuff from but not from ftp[2-5]

I've watched the packets and (  
sends a final FIN and PUSH, then my client machine sends 5 or 6 window
updates+ACKS, then hangs around for about 20 minutes after all the acks and
window updates have been sent, then finally sends a closing FIN back
to and successfully adds the package.

To me, this suggests that either the spawned gzip or tar on my
machine are expecting more data than they are getting.
I think the final (my-side) FIN corresponds to closing the stream file handle 
that the libfetch library provides. Examination of the code,
/usr/src/usr.sbin/pkg_install/lib/file.c:fileGetURL, seems to
be the key but I can't get see where to go from there as it looks

I think this is connected with their ('s) ftpd 
((Version wu-2.6.1(2)) or some aspect of their network connectivity.
Any "me too"'s or suggestions?

- Mark Blackman

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