next meeting?

Neil Ford neil at
Fri Feb 23 08:06:37 GMT 2001

At 10:24 PM +0000 2/22/01, Darren Evans wrote:
>Hi all,
>is there a planned date for the next meeting where people
>can bring laptops along.
Laptops usually make an appearance at any user group gathering, 
though not always for technical reasons.

>Any ideas on places that have coffee on a tap and power
>sockets, then it can be a long one ;-)
There was an internet cafe in Guildford which was a little off the 
beaten track which might be suitable but I haven't been to Guildford 
in a while to know if it's still there.

Most coffee shops are unfortunately becoming far too popular to be 
able to sit around all day.

Finding a cyber/internet cafe might be a cool idea though, especially 
if we could negotiate an internet connection.... wireless lan anyone? 

Unless of course someone wants to host this kind of thing at their 
office / home?

Neil C. Ford
Yet Another Computer Solutions Company
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