routing table

Richard Smith rdls at
Wed Feb 21 15:47:42 GMT 2001

David Richards wrote:
> hi
>    today i was trying to change the default route and recieved this error
> darklands# route change default
> route: writing to routing socket: Disc quota exceeded
> change net default: gateway Disc quota exceeded
> darklands#
> then i checked the quota root and i got this
> darklands# quota
> Disk quotas for user root (uid 0): none
> darklands#
> why did it tell that my disc quota was exceeded. This is in 4.2-release
> any ideas

I've seen this before, it has nothing to do with disk quotas, write(2)
fails and returns EDQUOT for some reason presumably for want of a more
representative error code.

Possible causes include: the specified IP address being unreachable.


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