KDE 2.1

Jason Jason
Wed Feb 21 10:21:04 GMT 2001

I have been trying to compile kde 1.9 and kde 2.1 on 2 machines at home, both
using FreeBSD 4.stable. I install the required qt libs and then I installed the
KDE libs. But when I try to configure any of the other packages I get the
following error.

Checking for KDE .... Configure Error : In the prefix, you've chosen, are no
KDE headers installed. This will fail. So, Check this please and use another

So I used a ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/kde

Problem is still there, Dose anyone know how to sort this, or alt. is there a
site with FreeBSD binaries already compiled.

Jason Corcoran.
jason at corcoran.tc

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