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Neil Ford neil at
Mon Feb 19 21:20:49 GMT 2001

At 6:26 PM +0000 2/19/01, Roy Schofield wrote:
>I'm looking to set up a server which will have DOS and Windows 
>'workstations'. I
>believe I need a basic FreeBSD + Samba in order to give me that functionality.
>Could anyone please advise which version of FreeBSD and Samba are the most
>robust combination and point me to the appropriate documentation in order to
>help me set this up.
>Thank you for your time.
>Roy Schofield

To actually answer your question Roy....

FreeBSD 4-STABLE would be your best bet, do the install from any 
version4 CD and cvsup to STABLE. Do this first.

The version of Samba in the ports tree is 2.0.7 and is nice and 
solid. Doing a make and make install will put everything is nice 
logical places. You'll need to enable the start-up script in 
/usr/local/etc/rc.d unless you want to run the relevent bits out of 

For documentation, Samba comes with quite good docs itself and 
there's the website ( or you could look at Using 
Samba (O'Reilly, ISBN 1-56592-449-5) or Samba, Integrating UNIX and 
Windows (SSC, ISBN 1-57831-006-7) or for a more general book, The 
FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide (Addison-Wesley, ISBN 

Hope this helps but feel free to ask further questions.

Neil C. Ford
Yet Another Computer Solutions Company
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