FreeBSD + Samba

Helen McCall helen at
Mon Feb 19 19:30:51 GMT 2001

Hello Ray,

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Roy Schofield wrote:

> I'm looking to set up a server which will have DOS and Windows
> 'workstations'. I believe I need a basic FreeBSD + Samba in order to
> give me that functionality.  Could anyone please advise which version of
> FreeBSD and Samba are the most robust combination and point me to the
> appropriate documentation in order to help me set this up. 

Please forgive me for saying this, if you do not like to hear it, but if
you want a "robust" network you need to remove Windows from the
workstations and replace it with freebsd, BSDi, Linux, or Solaris. I have
only used freebsd and BSDi for servers and so I cannot comment on the
availability of workstation software for these, but I have been converting
a number of firms from Windows to Linux recently, and there are plenty of
excellent office packages available for this platform. The only thing
missing from Linux with regard to normal business software, is a Linux
version of Sage Accounting or SOS accounting packages. However it might be
worth trying them under Wine.

You might need to re-train some of your staff in the use of the new
packages, but the cost of this will be more than offset by the savings in
lost man-hours due to system downtime. 

The DOS machines might be left as they are, or you might want to run them
under freedos in a dosemu environment. I have found freedos in dosemu to
be a perfect combination for running old DOS software such as Wordstar and
dBase. If you run dosemu on something like Linux (I have not tried this
with BSD) you can create your DOS filing system as an image of your
original DOS disk in a file, and mount it locally or remotely as a
loopback device.

I hope this helps,

Helen McCall

PS: Microsoft Windows is obsolescent, and best forgotten.


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