owner here?

Neil Ford neil at
Fri Feb 16 16:11:45 GMT 2001

At 3:50 PM +0000 2/16/01, Glyn Grinstead wrote:
>At 15:22 16/02/2001 +0000, Neil Ford wrote:
>>At 3:21 PM +0000 2/16/01, Ian Pallfreeman wrote:
>>>If the owner of is reading this, please drop me a note.
>>Isn't at Easynet South Coast (nee Pavilion)? Not sure if
>>anyone there is on the list. Joe may be able to help though.
>Nope, we have cvsup3, and also cvsup2 sits in our FM server racks.
> is hosted at (or off a connection at) the main Easynet
>office in London, IIRC.
I knew it had a connection with Easynet... just mis-remembered it. 
Time to update the old brain :-)

Neil C. Ford
Yet Another Computer Solutions Company
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