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For any macites who might be interested.


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>Subject: [lmug-talk] Macworld Tokyo keynote at PC World
>Apple CEO, Steve Job's keynote speech from Macworld Tokyo will be streamed
>live via satellite at PC World in Croydon on February 21, according to
>The store opens to customers at 11:30pm, the live link starts at 1:00am,
>and Jobs will deliver his speech shortly after this. PC World will close
>at 3am.
>Japanese food, wine and beer will be available in honour of the Tokyo
>event. There will be hands-on demonstrations and one-off special Mac deals
>available during the night.
>Macworld Tokyo is one of four major Apple events held around the world
>each year.
>Heidi Swain, category marketing manager for PC's at PC World, said: "This
>event demonstrates PC World's commitment to bringing the latest technology
>and products to the consumer first."
>So who's coming?
>The day Microsoft makes a product that DOESN'T
>suck will be the day they make a vacuum cleaner.
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