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Neil Ford neil at ourshack.com
Fri Feb 16 13:28:01 GMT 2001

At 1:18 PM +0000 2/16/01, Jason Corcoran wrote:
>I have installed FreeBSD 4.2 from the iso.
>Some questions
>I have a Voodoo 3 pci card installed on my machine. During the 
>configuration of
>X, I set the card to the voodoo3 (generic) and the monitor type is set to suit
>my monitor, I don't select a resolution of color depth and save the
>The resolution comes up OK, but the color depth seems to be 8 bit. Is there a
>problem with the XF86 on distro 4.2 should I update to version 4?
If you didn't select a depth I believe X defaults to 8 bits. I always 
select 16bits when I'm doing a rebuild (I have a Voodoo 3 too) and it 
works a treat. You probably need to look through the handbook/man 
pages for info on how to edit /etc/XF86Config to change the defaults.

There should be no need to upgrade to XFree86 4.0 unless you have a 
burning desire to do so.

>Ports question.
>I installed the ports, when I go to (for example)
>and do a make install
>It says the *.tgz is not on the system, and tries to ftp the file. This is a
>standalone machine with no Internet connection. Do I need to keep the cd

This is the correct behaviour for ports. They are designed to go off 
and fetch the latest version of the source, which if the machine 
doesn't have an internet connection is a little hard.

The CDs don't normally contain the source files but some pre-compiled 
binaries which can be installed using pkg_add. The handbook or the 
man page can help with using this. Alternatively you can use 
/stand/sysinstall (with the correct cd in the drive) to install 
packages too.

>Not sure if it means anything but the /usr/ports/distlist directory is empty.
As above, this only starts to contain stuff when source files are downloaded.

Neil C. Ford
Yet Another Computer Solutions Company
neil at yacsc.com

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