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Jason Jason
Fri Feb 16 13:18:57 GMT 2001

I have installed FreeBSD 4.2 from the iso.

Some questions

I have a Voodoo 3 pci card installed on my machine. During the configuration of
X, I set the card to the voodoo3 (generic) and the monitor type is set to suit
my monitor, I don't select a resolution of color depth and save the

The resolution comes up OK, but the color depth seems to be 8 bit. Is there a
problem with the XF86 on distro 4.2 should I update to version 4? 

Ports question.

I installed the ports, when I go to (for example)


and do a make install

It says the *.tgz is not on the system, and tries to ftp the file. This is a
standalone machine with no Internet connection. Do I need to keep the cd
Not sure if it means anything but the /usr/ports/distlist directory is empty.

Thanks for any help or comments.

Jason Corcoran.
jason at corcoran.tc

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