Richard Smith rdls at rdls.net
Wed Feb 14 10:00:26 GMT 2001

julian wrote:
> Hi there,
> my dialing sequence is as follows ...
>     1. run ppp in interactive mode with - ppp
>     2. go into terminal  mode with - term
>     3. type AT (return) modem responds with OK
>     4. type AT hayes (return) modem responds by picking up the phone
>         then starts to act as if a call was comming in (usual DIAL-IN noise)
>         at this point i press return again to stop this action!
>     5. continue in normal way sending ATDT0845... (return) modem responds
>         by picking up the line, dialing my ISP, i login and i'm connected!

Ok, step 4 is equivalent to `ATH (return)' and `ATA (return)'. The `Y',
`E', and `S' are probably silently discarded by your modem.

I have no idea why and ATDT only works after preceding it with an ATH or
an ATA.

> here is a link to the page where i found the hayes info i have also seen a
> simular references in other documentations where with the command is sent
> with.... set modem hayes ...in ppp in interactive mode.
> http://www.freebsd.org/handbook/dialout.html
> 15.5.2. My stock Hayes modem is not supported, what can I do?

This link refers to a configuration file directive for some application
called `tip', and is not encouraging you to type `AT hayes (return)' at
your modem.

> any ideas let me know, also i'm running version 4.2-release from the stable
> branch, and i made the world last night! The chat script is phisicaly there,
> but when connection goes wrong i get the message 'chat script failed' but is
> is there and correct (template made from samples)

Certainly, you can't expect the automated script to work until you work
out the correct sequence of commands needed by hand. The only thing that
I might suggest is to reset the modem back to it's factory profile using
`AT&F (return)'.


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