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Wed Feb 14 08:42:59 GMT 2001

Hi there,

my dialing sequence is as follows ...

    1. run ppp in interactive mode with - ppp
    2. go into terminal  mode with - term
    3. type AT (return) modem responds with OK
    4. type AT hayes (return) modem responds by picking up the phone
        then starts to act as if a call was comming in (usual DIAL-IN noise)
        at this point i press return again to stop this action!
    5. continue in normal way sending ATDT0845... (return) modem responds
        by picking up the line, dialing my ISP, i login and i'm connected!

strange as it may seem but this is the procedure that i am forced to follow
every time i connect to the internet!  Stranger still, if i make even 1
mistake in the 'term' sequence, i have to start again or  my modem just

here is a link to the page where i found the hayes info i have also seen a
simular references in other documentations where with the command is sent
with.... set modem hayes ...in ppp in interactive mode.

15.5.2. My stock Hayes modem is not supported, what can I do?

any ideas let me know, also i'm running version 4.2-release from the stable
branch, and i made the world last night! The chat script is phisicaly there,
but when connection goes wrong i get the message 'chat script failed' but is
is there and correct (template made from samples)

Julian M
Julian at intY.net

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> julian wrote:
> >
> > I think I have fount the cause of this problem now.  While reading up on
> > BSD web site I saw a command 'AT=hayes' that needs to be sent on certain
> > modems.   on trying this in a ppp (term) session, my modem opened a line
> > (did not dial) and started to make sounds as if it were answering a
call, of
> > course this then failed.
> >
> > Then I tried to dial my ISP and it worked!  it seems my modem will only
> > allow me to dial after sending the command 'AT hayes' after the initial
> > command and before 'ATDT....'
> >
> > Can you tell me any more about this command and where/how I can place it
> > my dialing script, or what it actually does.
> I think it's more likely that the modem is executing an ATA (go off-hook
> and answer) command, from the `a' in your `hayes'.
> Exactly what are you sending to your modem? and do you have a modem chat
> log yet?
> Richard.
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