ADSL support ?

Jonathan Belson jon at
Tue Feb 13 14:58:03 GMT 2001

Nick Hibma wrote:
> > > Why? It just means that the driver will end up in a different directory
> >
> > Won't the driver need to be linked into the kernel?
> Not if it is a module:
>         kldload uspeedtouch

Hmm.  This is one of the most often debated bits of the GPL - does
a module have to be linked against the kernel?  The GPL makes
no distinction between dynamic and static linking.  RMS and his
army of zealots insist that dynamic linking is covered, everyone else
insists the opposite.

This came up several times when people ported GPL drivers to
BeOS - in a couple of cases they discontinued their work after
receiving abusive emails 8^(



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