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Thanks for your speedy reply,

I think I have fount the cause of this problem now.  While reading up on the
BSD web site I saw a command 'AT=hayes' that needs to be sent on certain
modems.   on trying this in a ppp (term) session, my modem opened a line
(did not dial) and started to make sounds as if it were answering a call, of
course this then failed.

Then I tried to dial my ISP and it worked!  it seems my modem will only
allow me to dial after sending the command 'AT hayes' after the initial 'AT'
command and before 'ATDT....'

Can you tell me any more about this command and where/how I can place it in
my dialing script, or what it actually does.

Thanks again!


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> > It appears to work, it accesses the modem, I hear the dial tone, then =
> > ..... nothing.  After 10 seconds or so the modem hangs up with the =
> > message 'no dial tone' or no carrier.  I have checked the ppp log but as
> > I am a new user to FreeBSD it doesn't relay make much sense to me.
> >
> > I have checked all the relevant config files and they all seem fine.  =
> > (created from samples)=20
> Your best bet is to enable more logging - perhaps with ``set log tun
> phase lcp ipcp chat'' in the ``default'' section of /etc/ppp/ppp.conf.
> You should then get to see what ppp is doing WRT the modem chat
> script.
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