Nik Clayton nik at
Mon Feb 12 15:04:57 GMT 2001

On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 01:42:10PM +0000, Jason Corcoran wrote:
> I am trying to down load Mozilla source via cvs. I have set my cvsroot as 
> stated on the link and tried to do a 
> cvs checkout mozilla
> But it just sits there.
> I down loaded a front end of CVS and it asks me for a password, username is 
> anoncvs, I leave it blank and again it just sits there. Could anyone point 
> me to any error logs or tips I should try.

Assuming you have bpf enabled in your kernel config file, do something 

    tcpdump -i <dev>

where <dev> is your network device (something like fxp0 if it's an
ethernet card, or tun0 if it's a PPP link), and look for traffic.

If you can, install trafshow from the ports tree, and do

   trafshow -i <dev>


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