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Sun Feb 11 23:48:01 GMT 2001

Thought this might be of interest to some people.


>***************** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ******************
>                         European
>                Yet Another Perl Conference
>                         YAPC 2001
>               http://www.yapc.org/Europe/
>             Thursday-Saturday, August 2-4, 2001
>                           at the
>                     Hogeschool Holland
>       		Amsterdam, the Netherlands
>      ** Abstract submission deadline:  June  1, 2001 **
>Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC) is an inexpensive (< 100 EURO) Perl
>users and developers conference, with a mix of tutorials and
>technical talks. The conference is set in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
>YAPC began as a grassroots users conference, from discussions
>among Perl Mongers, and has grown from there.  We would like
>to invite you to join us for three days of Perl, people, and
>demonstrations, at a price that shouldn't hurt your wallet.
>There will be a limit of around 500 people for the conference.
>A number of members of the Perl community are contributing to this
>Look at the main web page for more details --
>                                     http://www.yapc.org/Europe
>   *********** CALL FOR PAPERS ***********
>Potential presenters should submit a 200-300 word abstract to
>         papers at yapceurope.org
>in plain ASCII text or HTML by June 1st for consideration.
>We would like your materials to be available online, but
>that is not required.  If you have materials to include in
>the proceedings, or course notes, please let us know of your
>requirements in the abstract. If you have any special
>presentation needs, please include them also.
>The conference theme will be Security, so a portion of the the
>talks will be about that subject in some way. So if you have some
>knowledge of Perl related security issues, or use Perl in security
>related areas, you're more then welcome to share this with fellow
>Perl users at the conferece.
>Suggestions :
>*	writing secure Perl CGI programs
>*	security bloopers
>*	cryptography techniques
>*	cryptography applications
>*	security issues in past and coming versions of perl
>*	How you use Perl to enhance security of your network or website
>*	Modules useful in security
>*	Whatever you find interesting that's Perl- and security related
>A part of the time will be available for other Perl related subjects.
>Suggestions for subjects:
>*	Groupware, Agents, and Bots
>*	Perl in the world of Windows
>*	MacPerl
>*	Perl for Speech and Language
>*	Text and Document Processing
>*	Machine Learning in Perl
>*	HTML, XML, and Markup Languages
>*	CGI and Web programming in Perl
>*	Internet Programming
>*	Database Interaction and Access with Perl
>*	Scientific Computing (e.g. with PDL)
>*	Practical Perl Programming
>*	Module guts and usage on any particular Module.
>*	Tutorials of all stripes: Modules, Objects, CPAN
>*	Visionary or position papers on Perl, the past,
>        the present, and the future
>*	Anything cool :)
>We have the following time slots in our schedule, so your
>contribution could have one of the following durations:
>180 minute tutorials
>90 minute talks
>40 minute talks
>25 minute talks
>lightning talks (5 minutes)
>Conference fees will be waived for presenters at yapc
>(lightning talks excepted), so another way to reduce your
>costs is to give a good talk on something you're excited about.
>We are looking for sponsors. Please contact Liz and Eric
>(sponsor at yapceurope.org) for information about how you can help
>support YAPC Europe. Much of the necessary funding for YAPC
>comes from the generous donations of our sponsors.
>   **** YAPC Europe 2001 **http://www.yapc.org/Europe/ ***
>***************** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ******************
Neil C. Ford
Yet Another Computer Solutions Company
neil at yacsc.com

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