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Mark Blackman mark.blackman at netscalibur.co.uk
Fri Feb 9 11:19:04 GMT 2001

And for a bit of pointless trivia, I've noticed that as far as I can tell from
that shiny green laser beam that greenwich pump out, (part of) Telehouse
appears to sit right on the prime meridian which I didn't appreciate until

Presumably that allows the LINX to synchronize its NTP server(s?) to 
the sundial on the roof. :)

> > >   any one know of a Uk time server that i can use ?
> > 
> > Apparently we should all be using "GeT" now - www.get-time.org
> They told me that this was "an industry led project launched on the 1st
> January 2000 by Tony Blair, the UK Prime Minister". Despite this, I said
> they could include ntp2{a,b,c,d}.mcc.ac.uk in their list of public time
> servers. I think they just give you a list of reasonably local servers,
> although it's possibly geographical rather than topological "nearness",
> which rather misses the point.
> Ian.
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