named Problem

Paul Civati paul at
Wed Feb 7 11:14:53 GMT 2001

"Andrew Boothman" <a.j.boothman at> wrote:

> Same box, but this time I constantly have sendmail complaining 
> that, "My unqualified hostname (gateway) unknown", and "unable 
> to qualify my own domain name (gateway)".
> Now, I haven't given the machine a domain name, I didn't think one 
> was needed, and I just set hostname="gateway" in /etc/rc.conf

Sendmail being an MTA really needs a domain name to function
properly, that's why it's complaining.

I usually see this error on Solaris sendmail when the machine can't
lookup the FQDN for its own name.  This can be simple solved by
putting a FQDN in /etc/hosts for the machine, ie. something like:    yourhost.some.domain yourhost loghost

> /etc/resolv.conf just reads "nameserver" as the machine 
> is running its own named so that machines on the local network 
> can use it for DNS queries. "named_enable="YES" is in 
> /etc/rc.conf and named is running and processing DNS queries 
> about external hosts, no problem.

The named configuration is really irrelevant to the sendmail
problem, as you are only using it to look up external names,
whereas sendmail is whinging about the local hostname.

> I'd like to have the machine resolve requests for the names of all 
> the hosts on the network (all 4 of them), but I'm not sure how to do 
> this from named's man pages. There is no domain name involved, 
> and all the machines just have one 'word' names like "win98box", 

You want a domain name, even if it's something like 'internal',
eg. 'win98box.internal' to be able to set up proper internal DNS.

You get away with putting entries like 'win98box' in /etc/hosts
but you'll have to do this separately on each individual machine.

If you don't want a domain name, then I'd use the domain name of
your ISP.


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