named Problem

Andrew Boothman a.j.boothman at
Tue Feb 6 22:09:07 GMT 2001


Well you where all so much help with the last problem, here's 
another. :-)

Same box, but this time I constantly have sendmail complaining 
that, "My unqualified hostname (gateway) unknown", and "unable 
to qualify my own domain name (gateway)".

Now, I haven't given the machine a domain name, I didn't think one 
was needed, and I just set hostname="gateway" in /etc/rc.conf

/etc/resolv.conf just reads "nameserver" as the machine 
is running its own named so that machines on the local network 
can use it for DNS queries. "named_enable="YES" is in 
/etc/rc.conf and named is running and processing DNS queries 
about external hosts, no problem.

I'm not sure how to cure this problem with sendmail however. I've 
entered "forwarders{x.x.x.x;x.x.x.x;};" with the IP addresses of my 
ISPs DNS servers and also "listen-on{,}" to 
ensure that the machine will only answer requests from itself and 
the internal network. Both of these things seem to work fine.

I'd like to have the machine resolve requests for the names of all 
the hosts on the network (all 4 of them), but I'm not sure how to do 
this from named's man pages. There is no domain name involved, 
and all the machines just have one 'word' names like "win98box", 

Can anyone help?


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