setting global variables

Chris Raven c.raven at
Sat Feb 3 09:28:01 GMT 2001

I am trying to get JAVA 1.1.8 running under 
FreeBSD 3.2 for a servlet named BrowserHawk 
( which requires it 
(or similar).

The machine will be running BrowserHawk via 
the Apache webserver.

There is no X server installed as this is a 
console only machine so I need to test using 
the supplied servlets through the WWW (none of 
these is working). I am finding information 
very hard to come by although, I did find out 
how to set CLASSPATH finally .... but only on a 
per-user basis  :o() !

My problem is this, I have set the PATH and 
CLASSPATH variables for the usual login user in 
the .profile file. But, I need to have these 
variables work for all users both current and 
future (including Apache and its affiliated 

Which file should I be editing to set this global 
PATH and CLASSPATH information? Does anyone know?

I have been battling with this for 3 days now and 
getting nowhere anymore :o(

ANY help here would be much appreciated.

Chris R.

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