Installing and Using FreeBSD With Windows 98

Paul Richardse paul at
Fri Feb 2 16:06:03 GMT 2001

Avi Mor wrote:
> Installing and Using FreeBSD With Windows 98
> ============================================
> Oh the pain and frustration that I have endured while trying only to
> partition my Win98 hard disk.
> Do you know of any solution that I might employ to repartition a FAT32 disk
> without having to go to the expense of purchasing Partition Magic, etc?
> The main problem I am having is that Windows, in all its wisdom, has taken
> control of my entire hard disk, refusing to let any app that I have tried
> thus far actually get into the disk's internals in order to create a new
> partition, by splitting the primary partition which it occupies.
> Please, please help me such that I can keep some Windows functionality and
> still gain the power & beauty(?) of FreeBSD.
> Hoping that you can at least point me in the right direction,

You need to use fips, which is included in the tools directory (I think)
on the installation CD. Fips will shift all the windows files to the
front of the disk leaving space at the end of the disk to install
another operating system. After running fips you can install FreeBSD as
normal and you should see the windows parition and an area of unused
disk space which you can put FreeBSD on.


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