Installing and Using FreeBSD With Windows 98

Avi Mor avi at
Fri Feb 2 15:44:07 GMT 2001

Installing and Using FreeBSD With Windows 98
Oh the pain and frustration that I have endured while trying only to
partition my Win98 hard disk.
Do you know of any solution that I might employ to repartition a FAT32 disk
without having to go to the expense of purchasing Partition Magic, etc?
The main problem I am having is that Windows, in all its wisdom, has taken
control of my entire hard disk, refusing to let any app that I have tried
thus far actually get into the disk's internals in order to create a new
partition, by splitting the primary partition which it occupies.
Please, please help me such that I can keep some Windows functionality and
still gain the power & beauty(?) of FreeBSD.
Hoping that you can at least point me in the right direction,
Avi Mor
mailto:avi at

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