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Mon Dec 31 17:22:27 GMT 2001

At 4:23 pm +0000 31/12/01, Paul Robinson wrote:
>On Dec 31, CB <ecliptica.ww at> wrote:
>  > From here I would expect to be able to commence dialogue with the modem,
>>  but nothing I type echoes to the screen, nor does any response from the
>>  modem.
>That is exactly the response you would get if the modem was not turned on,
>or was not attatched to that serial port. Move it to the other serial port,
>make sure the thing is turned on, and that it's not a winmodem in disguise.
>Then try it again. Try another cable as well.

Hi Charles,

Try typing ATE1Q0<return> this will turn on echoing & response in the 
modem if it wasn't on before.

Incidentally, you don't need to do all this, if you set up ppp.conf 
properly it will handle the bog-standard AT codes itself.... the ppp> 
command you need is 'dial', or set it to auto-dial if that's more 

Take a look at 
for more info.

All the best

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