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Paul Robinson paul at
Mon Dec 31 16:23:00 GMT 2001

On Dec 31, CB <ecliptica.ww at> wrote:

> Hi - I'm trying to set up a dial-up connection using a known good external
> 56K modem on /dev/cuaa0 (COM1).

What sort of external modem? Obviously winmodems are going to give you 
trouble, but I've had problems with some 'normal' modems in the past. If 
it's a beige 'no-known-maker' brand, just throw us the FCC number if it has 
one, and I'll track it down. ;-)

> From here I would expect to be able to commence dialogue with the modem,
> but nothing I type echoes to the screen, nor does any response from the
> modem.

That is exactly the response you would get if the modem was not turned on,
or was not attatched to that serial port. Move it to the other serial port,
make sure the thing is turned on, and that it's not a winmodem in disguise. 
Then try it again. Try another cable as well.

> I can display the "term" help screen, and also exit with ~. back to the
> ppp prompt.

Yeah, it's definitely not seeing a modem at /dev/cuaa0 if that is all you 
can do.

> Do I have to give some explicit command to get "term" to echo to the screen?
> Is there a complete idiots guide somewhere on how to get this working?

I bet you've plugged into the wrong COM port. Or the cable is dodgy.
> Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

You might think I'm treating you like an idiot, but we've all done it you 
know.... ;-)

Paul Robinson

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