Follow-up: FreeBSD box can't access CD ROM??

Josef Karthauser joe at
Sun Dec 30 19:10:06 GMT 2001

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On Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 01:31:25PM -0000, CB wrote:
> Thanks to Joe, Martin and Andrew for the helpful suggestions.
> I've tried to answer your follow-ups below:
> The "mount /cdrom" command is given while logged in as "root" from the /r=
oot directory.
> "mount" on its own gives:
> /dev/ad0s1a on / (ufs, local, writes: sync 6 async 18, reads: sync 192 as=
ync 0)
> /dev/ad0s1f on /usr (ufs, local, writes: sync 5 async 31, reads: sync 395=
 async 96)
> /dev/ad0s1e on /var (ufs, local, writes: sync 115 async 137, reads: sync =
29 async 0)
> procfs on /proc (procfs, local)

Try this:

# mkdir /tmp/cdrom
# mount -tcd9660 /dev/acd0a /tmp/cdrom

Try a different cdrom too if this doesn't work.


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