FreeBSD box can't access CD ROM??

Josef Karthauser joe at
Sat Dec 29 17:45:34 GMT 2001

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On Sat, Dec 29, 2001 at 05:42:54PM -0000, CB wrote:
> Hi - can anyone offer any useful suggestion as to why my FreeBSD box (Cyr=
ix M2 300/128MB) cannot access its CD ROM drive.
> The box runs FreeBSD 4.0 as the only installed OS and it was originally i=
nstalled from the CheapBytes CD using the same internal CDROM drive. There =
have been no hardware changes since, and no substantial OS modifications. X=
-Windows is installed and running OK and a Linux emulator loads during boot=
up, but isn't currently used for anything.=20
> On bootup the system seems to recognise the CD ROM. The "dmseg" command s=
hows the line:
> acd0: CDROM <ATAPI-CDROM> at ata0-slave using PIO4
> /etc/fstab shows:
> device            /dev/acd0c
> mountpoint    /cdrom
> FStype          cd9660
> options        ro,noauto
> dump            0
> pass#            0

This is ok.  Noauto mean don't try and mount at boot time.
> "cd /cdrom" takes me to the /cdrom directory, but "ls" gives nothing and =
it does not even try to spin the CD ROM drive. Ejecting the CD drawer and c=
losing again causes the CD drive light to flash for a few seconds but still=

You won't get anything there until you mount the device manually.

> "mount /cdrom" gives:
> cd9660: device busy

Can you mail us the output of 'mount' on it's own?
Also, make sure that you're not cd'd to /cdrom when you issue the 'mount /c=
command.  This is the correct command to use.

> "umount /cdrom" gives:
> umount: /cdrom: not currently mounted =20

That's to be expected.
> using /stand/sysinstall to try to install additional packages: after
> selecting CDROM as the media source and with the FreeBSD 4.0 CD in
> the drive I get:
> User Confirmation Requested:
> Warning: The CD currently in the drive is either not a FreeBSD CD
> or it is an older (pre 2.1.5) FreeBSD CD which does not have a
> version number on it. Do you wish to use this CD anyway?
> Selecting "Yes" it says:
> Unable to get packages/INDEX file from selected media
> Accepting "OK" it says:
> Could not unmount the CDROM from /dist: Invalid argument

This may be because it's not an official FreeBSD cd, I don't know.


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