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Robin Melville robmel at
Fri Dec 21 11:26:13 GMT 2001

>On Dec 20, Paul Richards <paul at> wrote:
>>  If you split the disk into filesystems, then you can back up one at a time
>  > to different tapes, or only backup root or /usr once a month etc.

Another advantage is when you come to do a clean reinstall (eg when a 
new major version of FreeBSD comes out). You can carry your data 
partition over while doing a newfs on the basic /, /var, and /usr 
slices (after having saved up your local config, of course).

Also, if you plan to run something like Postgres where a disk backup 
does not capture the true state of the database, it's also worth 
having that on a separate partition and backing it up separately 
using the application's own tools.

I actually prefer to keep the site-specific data partition on a 
separate disk so I can quickly swap it over to another host should 
something bad happen. But that's just my own belt 'n braces paranoia.

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