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Paul Robinson paul at
Fri Dec 21 11:05:37 GMT 2001

On Dec 20, Paul Richards <paul at> wrote:

> If you split the disk into filesystems, then you can back up one at a time
> to different tapes, or only backup root or /usr once a month etc.

Absolutely right, and seeing as it's rare I ever have to handle anything 
that doesn't 'just backup over the network', not something I'd ever have to 
think about. In fact, I don't think I've handled a tape or tape drive in 
about 4 years now. Back then, I was a bit of a gimp when it came to 'nix 
anyway. ;-)
> Mountpoints and filesystems aren't really related, you can have as many or
> as few mountpoints scattered over as many or as few of your filesystems as
> you want or need. It's a very flexible mechanism that allows you to
> organically grow your total disk layout as you need to.

OK, fair enough, I understand your point - with me though, it's rare that a 
box will not have a one-to-one mapping between mountpoint and filesystem, so 
perhaps my original paragraph wasn't as clear as it should have been

Oh, P.S. - this is my new e-mail address

Paul Robinson

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