FreeBSD Install config

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Dec 20 23:08:19 GMT 2001

On Thu, Dec 20, 2001 at 10:08:46PM +0000, Aled Morris wrote:
> The only time I've used swap recently is when some piece of sh*t perl
> program (not mine, before you comment, I don't write perl) ran out of
> control and grew to a couple of gigabytes before bringing the machine down
> :-(

This sort of thing always reminds me to use /etc/login.conf more often
than I do...  I've spent the past few weeks working with Solaris 2.7
systems which like to preallocate swap before they need it.  I really
miss FreeBSD after running a mod_perl server which eats up tens of
megs of swap just because Solaris thinks it should. :-( :-(


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