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On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 01:08:23PM +0000, mark.stewart at wrote:
> Can someone advise me on how to split up the hard disk sensibly in=20
> working FreeBSD machines.=20

Depends on the disk size. =20

A look at one of my FreeBSD boxes which has two disks shows the

   da0s1a      /             50MB
   da0s1e      /var          50MB
   da0s1f      /usr         200MB
   da0s1g      /local/0    1700MB
   da1s1a      /local/1    4000MB

/local/* is my mount point for disks in general.  The first disk is a=20
special case, as it has three `special` filesystems on it (/, /var,
/usr).  I sized these based on general expectations on what the box would be
doing, and in the knowledge that they would be fairly static.

A look in /var shows;

    tmp@ -> /local/1/var/tmp

A look in /usr shows;

    X11R6@ -> /local/0/usr/X11R6
    local -> /local/1/usr/local
    obj -> /local/1/usr/obj
    ports -> /local/0/usr/ports
    src -> /local/0/usr/src

A look in /home shows;

    ncvs -> /local/1/home/ncvs
    nik -> /local/1/home/nik
    operator -> /local/1/home/operator

These are all directories that are going to grow in size over the lifetime
of the box.  So making them filesystems in the BSD sense is foolish, as you
end up having to either resize the filesystems (which is a pain) or start
symlinking between two or more filesystems.

This approach makes it very easy to put different directory trees on=20
different disks -- when I had one disk, /usr/src and /usr/obj were on the
same disk, putting one of them on to the second disk was a snap, and
speeds up the system build times.

This scales to however many disks you eventually put in the box.

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