Disk space and Network types

David Foulis dbfpyro at gmx.net
Thu Dec 20 03:13:44 GMT 2001

A few ideas that solved some of my problems as a newcomer to FreeBSD.
Generally as I don't have unlimited finances I build systems together: 
At the moment I've got 3 computers (all old pentiums 586), one is windows 98

 with work and bookkeeping and photos. one is FreeBSD (DIGITAL) + another  
FreeBSD (with a 486 old notebook over serial as terminal ( it should be the 
 firewall and send things over the ether to the others for internet). 
as the first FreeBSD box has only 1 SCSI (1052M) and an IDE (1222M)  
and I want to have x on it. I needed to do a few tricks to help: I had an
old IDE  
122M HD I used it in the following way: 
I made Slice 1 22M dos and a boot manager on MBR (dos + Norton things). 
 Then I made the rest (100M) to root / (it's neat, the / on its own disk) 
next SCSI 1052M = 52 /var and 1000 /usr 
the SCSI had to be /usr because for some crazy reason the IDE only worked
set to slave. 
Now as the /usr isn't big enough I moved the bigger directories from (be
 the /usr/local/... to the IDE /disk2/LINKS/local/... 
then I made a symbolic link from /usr to /disk2/LINKS/local/... 
I find it better to cp it then rm instead of mv, (I only delete the original

 when I know everything is OK). 
With this idea I ended up with the following result from giving in: 
dave at dbfbsd1># df 
Filesystem 1K-    blocks      Used     Avail     Capacity     Mounted on 
 /dev/ad0s2a       99119     45350      45840       50%         / 
 /dev/ad3s1e     1213199    645018     471126       58%         /disk2 
 /dev/da0s1f      914273    546343     294789       65%         /usr  
 /dev/da0s1e       49583      3700      41925       8%          /var 
 procfs                         4           4         0           100%      
Which looks great considering it was at 99% on usr before I had that 
idea. By the way the ports collection is also on disk2 with a symbolic link.

Network Resources 
I got a few old network cards from Swisscom and as I didn't want 
 to buy a hub and my windows machine only could be attached to  
an RJ-45 10BaseT, I connected to the Digital (FreeBSD) with a 
 crossed cable and installed another 3 com card with coaxial cable  
in the same computer in order to have both systems available types  
now theres another BSD machine on the coaxial and I can add a new  
board which I've started 
to build. The situation with 2 cards is surprisingly easy to set up, I was
 enough to have a free irq (I disabled com2 so irq 3 was available). 
 All you do is put options BRIDGE in the kernel (I also had device PNPBIOS
 I needed that anyway in order that the system would see the on board 
sound card) and away you go. 
? Everything works but I've got some errors during boot, maybe someone can
help me 
 with that, the errors result from some start script that runs before the
bit with rc.conf 
 (the error output is because of various things that I don't need anyway
that got taken 
 out of the kernel and are nothing critical). So what is the name of the
file so I can adjust it. ? 
Generally I hope these few experiences starting with BSD will help someone
else as well, 
 I find FreeBSD much better than linux (somehow more stable) so I'm just
going to set up 
 eveything with it apart from windows for a couple of things like digital
camera and so on. 

GMX - Die Kommunikationsplattform im Internet.

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