Boot & install from USB Floppy?

Christopher Raven c.raven at
Wed Dec 19 18:35:59 GMT 2001

In answer to my own question, the floppy drive on the writing machine was 
out of synch by a gnats whisker. I used some old boot floppies I found 
lying around and it worked fine !

Chris R.

At 16:42 19/12/2001 +0000, Christopher Raven wrote:
>Hi all,
>Is it currently possible to install 4.4 FreeBSD from a USB FDD?
>I get the machine to boot and then it starts to read the floppy only to 
>end with either a cannot find kernel or, zf_read: unexpected EOF. This 
>hasn't changed even though I have tried various floppy disks and two 
>separate images of the disk that were download from different sources.
>I searched the web and all I can find for FreeBSD is the comment 'it 
>should be possible as the BIOS' deal with the USB floppy. I know the setup 
>works because I did a test run with Windows and it installed A-OK so that 
>is not the problem (besides which the FDD is a brand new Compaq and the 
>machine is a brand new ASUS setup. For OpenBSD the comment was to change 
>the file size parameters when making the boot disk from its image.
>Any help on this would be much appreciated as I am trying to remove the 
>legacy floppy to make room for an extra hard disk.
>Chris R.
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