FreeBSD Install config

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Dec 19 17:18:34 GMT 2001

On Wednesday 19 December 2001  4:58 pm, Ian Pallfreeman wrote:

> > 80% of disk for /
> > 20% of disk for /var
> > A little bit for swap
> Um, if you're going in this direction, why not merge /var too?

I normally do! The commonly accepted reasons why it's not a great idea though 

1. If stuff is writing to /var and fills the disk, you're screwed - DoS, 
badly behavioured daemons, etc. - go away for a bank holiday and come back to 
a very poorly box
2. If stuff is going on / you would like some logging to still go on generally
3. You have to give a little something back to the guys who insist everything 
should have it's own mountpoint. ;-)

I'm not a big fan of loads of mountpoints (as you probably guessed), mainly 
because they're messy, painful to admin, and people always get it wrong. But 
then, these days, I deal with boxes that have a wide range of uses and have 
to be really flexible. If I was building a pure SMTP server, the above 
probably wouldn't be how I'd go...

Paul Robinson

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