FreeBSD Install config

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Dec 19 16:52:30 GMT 2001

On Wednesday 19 December 2001  1:08 pm, mark.stewart at wrote:

> Can someone advise me on how to split up the hard disk sensibly in working
> FreeBSD machines. I know this is individual to most users but I'm sure
> there must be some standard practices used that experienced admins have
> learned from experience ???

Well, people are going to scream about this, but IMHO, this is always the 
most flexible way of doing it:

80% of disk for /
20% of disk for /var
A little bit for swap

Yes, almost everything on one partition. Yes, this is the most flexible, and 
yes it can cause problems, but as Sam has already said no matter what you do, 
it's always wrong....

Paul Robinson

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