Boot & install from USB Floppy?

Christopher Raven chris at
Wed Dec 19 16:42:56 GMT 2001

Hi all,
Is it currently possible to install 4.4 FreeBSD from a USB FDD?

I get the machine to boot and then it starts to read the floppy only to end 
with either a cannot find kernel or, zf_read: unexpected EOF. This hasn't 
changed even though I have tried various floppy disks and two separate 
images of the disk that were download from different sources.

I searched the web and all I can find for FreeBSD is the comment 'it should 
be possible as the BIOS' deal with the USB floppy. I know the setup works 
because I did a test run with Windows and it installed A-OK so that is not 
the problem (besides which the FDD is a brand new Compaq and the machine is 
a brand new ASUS setup. For OpenBSD the comment was to change the file size 
parameters when making the boot disk from its image.

Any help on this would be much appreciated as I am trying to remove the 
legacy floppy to make room for an extra hard disk.

Chris R.

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