FreeBSD Install config

Paul Civati paul at
Wed Dec 19 13:50:09 GMT 2001

Jonathan Perkin <sketch at> wrote:

> Then comes swap.  The 2 * (amount of ram) rule has been around for
> years and is still pretty spot-on. 

swap, I knew I forgot something. ;)

> If you're like me and also have /tmp mounted on swap you can make
> it slightly bigger.  Also can't hurt to increase size anyway,
> diskspace is cheap and running out of swap isn't something you
> want to run into.

One useful thing, if you like to have a mfs /tmp, you can limit
the size to stop stupid people (as they do) making your machine
grind to a halt when they use all your memory.

Mount option -s=32767 will create you a ~16M /tmp, I also tend
to put in a nosuid option as a small attempt at stopping any
dodgy setuid scripts from running in there.


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