FreeBSD Install config

Paul Civati paul at
Wed Dec 19 13:34:00 GMT 2001

mark.stewart at wrote:

> Can someone advise me on how to split up the hard disk sensibly in
> working FreeBSD machines. I know this is individual to most users
> but I'm sure there must be some standard practices used that
> experienced admins have learned from experience ???

IME disk partitioning really depends upon the application.

For example, on a mail server or web server that will potentially
create large log files, you'll want a big /var partition, you may
well not need that for other types of application.

I always tend to try and get away from using a standard partition
scheme, and instead tailor the install to the application, otherwise
you end up juggling space around afterwards.  One of my pet sysadmin
hates it finding machines with symlinks pointing all over the place
because the space requirements outgrew the partitioning.

Off the top of my head.. I would say a root partition of 60M if
you have a separate /var, or 200M if you don't and are only doing
minimal logging.  I would make /usr between 500M and 1G depending
upon how many local applications you're installing.  Any remaining
space can be dedicated to supporting whatever appliation you're
going to be running.

I would say these are minimal values, if you have lots of disk
it never hurts to make them bigger.  In fact at some stage in
the future, you often end up wishing you did. ;)

Personally when installing FreeBSD on a single disk for a
workstation I always just create a root partition and don't
bother with a separate /usr, /var etc as it's still all on
a single disk anyway, plus performance for a workstation is
not so critical.

> I want to create a stand build I can use across all my FreeBSD
> machines, once I have a template build is there a standard
> way to ghost the installation ??

Not sure when you joined the list but there were some discussions
a few weeks ago about how to go about cloning disks, I think we
agreed that dd is best for identical disks and dump/restore for
disks that aren't.

Otherwise, I vaguely recall there are some special hooks in the
FreeBSD sysinstall programme for enabling automated installations,
but I'm not sure how flexible/complete they are.


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