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Andrew McKay birminghamweb at
Mon Dec 17 18:47:53 GMT 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Josef Karthauser wrote:

JK> Additionally if anyone would like to step forward to maintain that part
JK> of the side I'd really like that too. :)

Gladly will I undertake such an onerous burden, assuming my understanding
of the position is correct.  I'm guessing such excitement as chasing and
marking up submissions and the such like is the order of the day?  
Obviously if anyone else has a burning desire to do this I will defer to
their eager enthusiasm but otherwise I'm more than willing to help out :)

(and yes, I do realise I could have phrased this as 'I'll do it' but why
use 3 words when 50 or more will do? :)

JK> Merry Christmas everyone (and if your are having a different festival
JK> and don't celebrate Christmas in your locale then have a very merry
JK> one of those too ;).

Merry Festive Period one and all.  I'll be spending Christmas playing with
my new Audigy (in windows, until Mr Grant writes the fBSD driver :P )

Andrew McKay <birminghamweb at>

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