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Subject:    Re: NewFeed Servers=20=
Author: paul at xciv=2Eorg
Date:       17/12/01 5:12 PM

mark=2Estewart at bacs=2Eco=2Euk wrote:

> Hi, can anybody reccomend a news feed server

Software or an actual server you can contact to?

Software=2E=2E I still like INN and slurp, even for a small server/feed=2E

Servers=2E=2E Netcom do/did run a free server, and there's another one
in Germany (which I can dig up the details for), or commercially
ClaraNet do reasonably priced news access=2E


I was told to take a look at something called leaf ??? Being a newbie to setting
one of these newsservers up, I have a new box to plonk this on and thought there
might be a product that standard out or FreeBSD recommend =2E=2E=2E

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