Manchester Social; 18th December (fwd)

Paul Robinson paul at
Mon Dec 17 17:59:58 GMT 2001

On Monday 17 December 2001  4:04 pm, Sam Smith wrote:
> Reminder that this is tomorrow for anyone who wishes to attend.

Crikey, that got here quick...

> If you are attending, and don't know what either myself or
> Paul Robinson looks like, drop me an email and I'll send you
> my mobile number so you can find us in the pub

I'll be there from around 5:30-ish I suspect, and am very easy to spot. Fat, 
bald, making lager disappear before your very eyes (possibly Leffe in the 
Lass'o'Gowrie), and quite possibly chain-smoking whilst cursing the 
footballers on the screen who I've got £50 on for correct score.

I don't think I'm a typical BSD user, but I suppose we'll find out. :-)

Paul Robinson

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