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Mon Dec 17 17:19:57 GMT 2001

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Dear All,

I'm really happy to see that there are some many local ug meetings
occurring.  It's nice to see life in the user group.

Shorty we're going to start work on reorganising the uguk web site and
I'd really like to keep an uptodate section detailing local meetings and
with photos from previous meets.

With this in mind someone from each meeting would like to take
responsibility for photos and providing a write-up afterwards I'd
really like to see them become a permanent part of the site.

Additionally if anyone would like to step forward to maintain that part
of the side I'd really like that too. :)

Merry Christmas everyone (and if your are having a different festival
and don't celebrate Christmas in your locale then have a very merry
one of those too ;).

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 03:11:34AM -0000, Andrew Boothman wrote:
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> From: "Josef Karthauser" <joe at>
> To: "Scott Mitchell" <scott.mitchell at>
> >> Yup --
> >
> >Don't worry.  We'll retain this as a redirect.  I'll also take a scoot
> >around on Dogma and see whether anyone else is making use of this
> >also.  My guess is that they use the canonical name for the machine
> >and that very few people actually use the host name,
> >but I could be wrong.
> I was using for some old wor=
k I
> was doing on indexing the documentation installed by ports so that we cou=
> create a unifed index page for it all.
> This eventually fell by the wayside as I believe the
> scrollkeeper/ effort should be able to do much more then
> what I was proposing. :-)
> I guess it doesn't matter if all that disappears.
> Andrew.
> P.S I lost all my index.html's when we were cracked, but you can see what
> was going on in there.
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