Steve Greenshaw steve at
Wed Dec 12 10:10:01 GMT 2001


I intend to use FreeBSD as a firewall and would appreciate hardware suggestions. I'm
going to assume minimal logging (although this may be increased to trace bugs), fast
throughput and fairly low level of redundancy (perhaps just a redundant PSU?) due to
the unit being easily swapped out with a clone in the case of failure (I've been
running FreeBSD since 2.2.5 and never had a server fall over yet ... touch wood)

Ideally I'd like some sort of  rack mountable job. I very much like the performance
from Intel's pro 10/100 Nic's with FreeBSD but I'm open to suggestions on that
front, too.

Anyway ... anybody with any experience of using FreeBSD to provide a firewall
service and who could provide some specification suggestions for hardware please do.



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