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Thu Dec 6 10:48:16 GMT 2001

I use to work for a company call 365Corp, and am keen to promote open source
software, I have switched from a LINUX (redhat) stance to FreeBSD=2E This is a
large IT company and throughout the next few years I hope that FreeBSD will be
used more and more throughout various projects=2E (the core business, however wil=
always use proprietry based software)

This is just my personal opinion, though if I were to tell anyone about company
policy, strategy etc it would make me liable=2E (cheers for the tips on mysql)

If your really interested in BACS look at the crookshank report written about
the future of BACS=2E

> I was wondering if anyone new of a good mysql faq for installing on
FreeBSD 4+=2E


Just out of sheer interest, what exactly are you planning to use FreeBSD for
at BACS? If it was something significant, or even if it's not, I'm sure we'd
all be interested to hear=2E



(http://www=2Ebacs=2Eco=2Euk for those who don't know what BACS is)

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