Social for people in the Manchester?

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Dec 5 17:22:38 GMT 2001

On Wednesday 05 December 2001 12:51 pm, Christopher Raven wrote:
> I'm in Warrington so Manchester sounds a real possibility ! Count me in :)

Right so that's three of us. That makes a crowd according to a crap old 
proverb. I'm sure we can rope in one or two of the CUS guys as well. Maybe 
the odd bod from the Uni's staff. Suggestions for location then? Remember 
it's in the week running upto Chrimbo, so office parites will be out in force 
- if we choose a pub, remember to raise your tolerance of drunken group 
singing and secretaries getting drunk on 2 bottles of Bacardi Breezer. *sigh*.

If I manage to find a hat-shaped cake, we could also incorporate two events 
into one and get that little problem out of the way as well. :-)

Paul Robinson

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