Dominic Mitchell dom at
Mon Dec 3 18:06:06 GMT 2001

On Mon, Dec 03, 2001 at 02:47:12PM +0000, Helen McCall wrote:
> Hello Dominic,

I think that you should be addressing Mark Stewart here...

> When you say you have the "latest GNU compiler" what do you actually
> mean? Are you using a stable release of the GNU compiler, or are you using
> the latest unstable development version? You certainly shouldn't be having
> any problems, or having to apply any patches if you are using a stable
> released version of the GNU compiler.
> If you have done what Red Hat Linux did a year or two ago, and are using
> an unstable development version which has never been released, and never
> will be released, then you will only have yourself to blame. Red Hat did
> this, and became stuck in a really ridiculous situation of finding that
> packages compiled on Red Hat wouldn't run on other Linux platforms, and
> vice versa, and some packages would not compile at all on Red Hat without
> special patches. The GNU compiler project members complained bitterly
> about this misuse of one of their development versions, and made some
> public statements that the versions concerned have never been released and
> never would be released and so should not be used. Though Red Hat Linux
> have continued to use an unofficial compiler despite all of this. 
> Stick to using a stable released compiler if you want things to work and
> compile properly.

On a side note, gcc30 is in the ports tree if you want to give that a


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