mark.stewart at mark.stewart at
Mon Dec 3 13:32:06 GMT 2001

Puzzles me to, even though I have just installed from the ports collection and
it works=2E

I am trying to install version from source:


Even with the port installed I still can't successfully make this distro=2E


MArk Stewart

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Subject:    Re: Re[2]: Mysql
Author: paul at akita=2Eco=2Euk
Date:       03/12/01 1:21 PM

On Monday 03 December 2001  1:08 pm, mark=2Estewart at bacs=2Eco=2Euk wrote:
> I have had a thorough read of the information on the site followed the
> instructions to the letter=2E

In that case, I don't understand why you're having problems=2E=2E=2E

> I have the correct GNU compiler version and am installing the correct
> stable release of mysql=2E I have to decided to 'slow-port' it across=2E
> (should work if I add the patches manually - i hope)

Patches? Ummm=2E=2E=2E look, I've built MySQL on a variety of platforms in the=20=
past, and I've never had to patch=2E Well, not since 3=2E20 anyway=2E Sure, you=20=
might have to add DBI and so forth, but you shouldn't have to patch=2E Apart=20=
from the build time when you go and drink a cup of coffee, the whole thing=20=
shouldn't require more than about 15 seconds of your attention - what is it=20=
that you are doing that requires so much fiddling?

-- Paul Robinson


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