Oh Wow! Some interesting collectable worms have appeared on the list.

Helen McCall helen at dinoflagellate.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 3 13:23:19 GMT 2001


Interesting couple of examples of the latest M$ virus seem to have found
their way onto the list today. ;-)

I usually never get viruses sent to me by accident. I usually have to beg
people to send copies of the ones they have received. This is only the
second time I have ever received uninvited viruses. I have saved them in
my local virus archive to play with later. :-)

Somewhere I have a couple of Windoze CDs which came as non-optional extras
to a purchased computer. I think I might stick Windoze 98 on one of my old
redundant 486 machines, and see how many of my collection of viruses I can
get running on it at the same time. Does anyone else on this list collect
interesting viruses and worms? :-)

If there are any other collectors of worms and viruses on the list, do any
of you want to do some swaps. Somewhere in my collection (I think it is on
an old tape) I have a copy of the original Morris Worm. If I can find
where I put it I can do some swaps for other interesting viruses and
worms. I seem to have mislaid some of my early ones from the nineteen
eighties like Brain and 1816, but they might be on an old collection of
floppies in a storage box. I can also get a carefully conserved copy of
Russian Flag for anyone interested. I value these old originals much
higher than the common M$ email viruses, so the swap rate would be several
good email viruses to one good oldy. ;-)

NB: The copy of Russian Flag has been carefully conserved in a running
condition for many years now on a working PC by a friend who finds it
amusing to be reminded in such a fun way whenever the anniversary of the
Russian Revolution comes round. He has not told me whether it survived the
y2k bug, so I cannot promise it will still work properly unless the clock
of the PC is put back, however he assured me the other week that it is
still happily running on that PC with MSDOS 6.22 on it.

Helen McCall


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