Paul Robinson paul at
Mon Dec 3 13:16:46 GMT 2001

On Monday 03 December 2001  1:08 pm, mark.stewart at wrote:
> I have had a thorough read of the information on the site followed the
> instructions to the letter.

In that case, I don't understand why you're having problems...

> I have the correct GNU compiler version and am installing the correct
> stable release of mysql. I have to decided to 'slow-port' it across.
> (should work if I add the patches manually - i hope)

Patches? Ummm... look, I've built MySQL on a variety of platforms in the 
past, and I've never had to patch. Well, not since 3.20 anyway. Sure, you 
might have to add DBI and so forth, but you shouldn't have to patch. Apart 
from the build time when you go and drink a cup of coffee, the whole thing 
shouldn't require more than about 15 seconds of your attention - what is it 
that you are doing that requires so much fiddling?

Paul Robinson

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