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Mon Dec 3 13:08:36 GMT 2001

I have had a thorough read of the information on the site followed the
instructions to the letter=2E

I have the correct GNU compiler version and am installing the correct stable
release of mysql=2E I have to decided to 'slow-port' it across=2E (should work if=
add the patches manually - i hope)


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Subject:    Re: Mysql
Author: paul at akita=2Eco=2Euk
Date:       03/12/01 1:00 PM

On Monday 03 December 2001  9:15 am, mark=2Estewart at bacs=2Eco=2Euk wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone new of a good mysql faq for installing on >=20=
FreeBSD 4+=2E (not using the ports collection)=2E I have the latest GNU
> compiler, but I have problems with both source and binary distros of mysql
> =2E=2E=2E

It depends on which version of the MySQL distro you're using, but on their=20=
download page, the MySQL team have put up an advisory stating that on certain=20=
platforms with certain compilers, problems can occur - the error is within=20=
gcc rather than MySQL (they claim), so may cause problems=2E

Firstly, I suggest you use the stable (reccomended) distribution of mysql,=20=
then it really is a case of:

tar zxvf mysql-3=2E22=2Exx=2Etar=2Egz
cd mysql-3=2E22=2Exx
make install
cd /usr/local
bin/safe_mysqld &

and off the top of my head, that's it=2E

Ports is there for a reason though - any reason why you're not using it?

-- Paul Robinson


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