Dominic Mitchell dom at
Mon Dec 3 13:04:16 GMT 2001

On Mon, Dec 03, 2001 at 11:23:15AM +0000, mark.stewart at wrote:
> I'm one of those people who only install the minimum required on each
> server. Cos of the nature of the business i'm in we have to screen all
> code (ensure its authenticity). If I start installing something from
> the ports collection I seem to install lots of dependancies from ftp
> sites all over the place. (is it possible to install a port without
> installing the entire ports collection ?)

Well, you can install one port only by downloading the port directory
directly from
You still need /usr/ports/Mk/ installed though.

If you're unsure about authenticity, don't be.  Each source file that is
downloaded is compared against an md5 checksum, which is the same as the
person who comitted that port used.  So you're guaranteed to get the
same distribution file that was expected.  You can test this on a system
wiht ports by adding a few extra bytes to the end of the file, for

	% cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql323-server
	% make fetch
	>> Attempting to fetch from
	11814847 bytes transferred in 617.1 seconds (18.70 kBps)
	% make checksum
	>> Checksum OK for mysql-3.23.46.tar.gz.
	% echo "foo" >> /usr/ports/distfiles/mysql-3.23.46.tar.gz
	% make checksum
	>> Checksum mismatch for mysql-3.23.46.tar.gz.
	Make sure the Makefile and distinfo file (/usr/ports/databases/mysql323-server/distinfo)
	are up to date.  If you are absolutely sure you want to override this
	check, type "make NO_CHECKSUM=yes [other args]".
	*** Error code 1

	Stop in /usr/ports/databases/mysql323-server.

(the "make checksum" is run automatically when you run an ordinary

If you're really concerned about building it yourself, go ahead, but it
might be worthwhile keeping a copy of the port version to hand so you
can see what it does in terms of configuration.


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